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Winning From Within

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“There is HOPE

for your disturbed spirit


Meet Miracle

Certified Professional Trauma Recovery Coach

Certified Youth Mental Health First Aid Instructor

Certified Minister of The Gospel

From the lost and abused to the broken and broken-hearted, Miracle Nored strategically uses her platform in ministry, coaching, and the community to breakthough the emotional & mental pains of their past by empowering others to build beyond the barriers of trauma with God so they can triumph externally through internal transformation. 

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What I Specialize In

    Mental Health   First Aid Instructor

As a Mental Health First Aid Instructor I teach participants to identify, understand and respond to mental health and substance use challenges.

trainees learn risk factors, warning signs, and how to guide someone to helpful resources.

Studies show that each year, more than one in five Americans experience a mental health or substance abuse issue, while only 40% of those affected seek help. For friends and family members, it can be hard to know when and how to help.


I provide virtual and in-person workshops for groups and organizations of all types as the seek to be empowered to promote mental wellness in their lives and the lives of others around them

Trauma Recovery Coaching and Training

 As a trauma recovery coach, minister, speaker and author, I specialize in helping people understand what trauma is, how it affects our lives & important our emotional and mental wellness is to have a prosperous soul.


 From hosting my own win from within empowerment event where we focus on overcoming trauma, Her Healing Circles to teaching churches, nonprofit organizations, high schools how to respond to emotional and mental crisis of their own and those they serve. 

Through preaching and teaching I love to empower others to rediscover their sense of self and wellness by applying biblical and practical healing and recovery principles to every part of their lives 



Aspiring Entreprnuers

Leadership Development

Iam passionate about helping  new leaders win from within.


Everything in entrepreneurship is a process. Let me help you navigate the journey and determine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to your startup or small business.  One of the most important roles as your coach is creating actionable plans that guide you toward your goals and hold you accountable throughout the process.


I will meet you at the intersection of personal ambition and professional development to lead you to your greatest potential in a way that promotes mental and emotional wellness as part of your culture in leadership so that your impact is not hindered by what happened to you


Transform Internally.

Triumph Externally.

"Changing your mindset will make barriers become


"Pressure produces POWER

for your


"In order to win from within You must Transform internally so You can Triumph Externally"

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