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Meet Miracle

The Minister... The Instructor... The Coach... The Author

From the lost and abused to the broken and broken-hearted, Miracle Nored strategically uses her platforms to break the emotional, mental barriers and destroy the enemy's works within her own life and the lives of others. As a community leader, trauma recovery breakthrough coach, and mental health first aid instructor, she is on a mission to educate and empower women by pulling down the disruptive strongholds and uprooting false belief systems that have negatively infiltrated the impact of women around the world.


Miracle's experience as a successful business owner and intercessor further positions her as a leader in the marketplace and ministry with a degree in Business Management. Miracle serves as CEO of Nored Services alongside her husband Paul and founder of LWSC Community Circle, a nonprofit organization where she bridges the gap between education and resources for women. She is best known for transforming lives through the mighty weapon of prayer, empowerment through the testimony of her personal breakthrough experiences, a strategic blend of the word of God, emotional intelligence, and trauma-informed care to help women show up as the best version of themselves in their personal and professional lives.

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